Curious about our alcohol ice pops? We've listed our some of our most frequently asked question here for your convenience. Don't be afraid to reach out if there's a different question you'd like answered.

Are PunchPops gluten free?

Yes they are.

Are PunchPops dairy free?


Are PunchPops vegan?

Still yes!

Do PunchPops contain artificial coloring?


Do PunchPops contain artificial sweeteners?

Heck no. All natural cane sugar!

Do PunchPops contain artificial flavoring?

For the last time…NO!

Do PunchPops contain sulfites?

Our pops are made with wine and like most other wines it does contain Sulfites.

Where can I find nutritional facts?

How about right here? Serving Size 1 Pop (100 mL) Calories: 88, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 12g, Sugars: 11g, Protein: 0 g

Are PunchPops nut free?

PunchPops are not made with nuts BUT our amazing natural flavorings are processed in a facility that also processes nuts.

I don’t see PunchPops near me, how can I buy them?

We'll ship to you! Just place an order from our site.

What is the alcohol in PunchPops?

We make our pops with a magical wine called Other Than Standard Orange Wine (OTSOW). It’s a wild name but really just means wine made from oranges. Most of what you taste is our natural flavoring anyway!

What is Other Than Standard Orange Wine (OTSOW)?

You just read the label and thought to yourself “…What?”. Yeah, we did the same thing at first. Don’t be scared though, OTSOW is just a wine made from oranges in sunny Florida and was the perfect ingredient to give you the best ice pops ever!

How much alcohol is in each pop?

Each pop comes fully loaded with 7.5% Alcohol by Volume! A pop is also roughly ½ a drink. Math.

Do PunchPops actually freeze?

Oh yes they do! Put them in the freezer, get some friends together, and enjoy.

Do PunchPops come frozen?

If you're buying in a store, it depends (just ask if they sell them frozen). If you're buying online, no, but don’t stress about it. Just throw ‘em in the freezer.

How long does it take to freeze my pops?

4-5 hours. This can vary dramatically based on a number of factors. Spread them out and make sure the freezer is COLD. Physics.

How many pops come in a box?

One’s company, two’s a crowd, and TWELVE’s a party! …so 12, theres 12 pops in a box.

21+ Only

Signature is required upon delivery with a valid I.D.

Freezing 101

Spread your pops out of the box and make sure your freezer is turned down!

Freeze Time

There is alcohol in our pops, please give ample time to freeze. Contact us if you are having issues.